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Owned and operated by professional skydivers

Skydive Centre Ltd

LPS are one of only 23 British parachute Association approved skydiving centres in the UK so you can be sure you are dealing with people actually involved in the teaching of skydiving and its safety not an agency, LPS is operated by Skydive Centre Ltd a not for profit company.


the school first.


The "Drop Zone" is located at Reading which is on the Berkshire / Oxfordshire border less than 60 minutes from London and is probably the friendliest and most social skydiving club in the UK. There is always something going on from competitions, corporate events and charity fun-days, to progression courses and seminars for our club members. All call to LPS are recorded for training and quality control purposes

Equipment Maintenance.

Every 6 months maximum all of our equipment is taken to the most qualified and experienced parachute 'rigger' in the UK for a full inspection. On a day to day basis during use it is inspected and should any potential defect be found it is taken out of service immediately until checked by the rigger.


Charity Skydives.

We operate charity skydiving schemes from our own drop zone near Reading, Berkshire and have reciprocal arrangements with the other drop zones throughout the UK so we can organise this nationally for charitable organisations.


Website Setup and Updating.

We operate our own website and try to be as up to date as is humanly possible but most of the news and vies can be found on our facebook page



Tandem Skydiving

our staff

or those that throw themselves out of planes for a living.


It is best to book at least 4 weeks in advance if you want to carry out a tandem skydive.


There is no better feeling than skydiving from an aeroplane whether it is just for fun or to raise money for your favourite charity, so why not call us direct rather than going through an agency, saving you money for your charity.