Charity Skydive Fund Raising with Frimley Park Hospital Trust

Take on an adrenaline challenge in aid of The Frimley Park Hospital Charity, organised by LPS, professionals in organising skydiving challenges across the country, all year round.

Frimley Park Hospital Charity helps our doctors and nurses to save and improve lives at your local hospital.

By taking part in The Big Jump and seeking sponsorship you can help us to provide equipment and facilities for local people which go over and above those that can be provided by the NHS. In the last few years the charity has provided a whole range of other things to secure a better standard of care and enhance the social environment at the hospital for patients and their families:

· Over £500,000 worth of specialist equipment to provide a 24 hour primary angioplasty service to treat heart attacks.
· A Pascal Scan Laser for the eye department to provide a new (and much quicker and far less painful) treatment for macular degeneration.
· Furniture, graffiti decoration and equipment for the teenage unit.
· A piece of equipment called a Veinsite that improves the imaging of veins so inserting cannulas and lines is a much easier and less painful procedure for the patient.

Click here to download The Big Jump Pack for full information about skydiving in aid of the charity


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Tandem Skydive
Why a ‘Tandem’ Skydive? Because from the moment you takeoff in a plane to the moment you land on your feet you are harnessed to a British Parachute Association (BPA) qualified instructor. This form of skydiving is one of the most popular because you only need to attend a 30-40 minute training session on the morning of the Skydive and you are good to go!

To pay for your Skydive (£230) from the money you raise and raise the minimum amount for the Saving Tiny Lives Appeal (£180), you will have a minimum fundraising target of £400.

To register for The Big Jump 2014 you will have to pay a £50 deposit to cover insurance and secure your place. You will then have a balance of 180 to pay on the day of the Skydive. You can reclaim the deposit and pay the balance on the day from the money you raise offline (online sponsorship cannot be reclaimed from us to pay for your jump) if you so choose.

In addition to the cost of the skydive outlined above, in signing up to skydive at The Big Jump 2014 you are also pledging to raise a minimum of £170 for the Saving Tiny Lives Appeal.

If you haven’t sought sponsorship before, don’t worry! We are here to help and you will be surprised at how quickly money starts coming in to support you and this great cause. You can download a fundraising pack from our website to make your fundraising as easy (and effective) as possible.
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Setting up an online fundraising page for your skydive will enable you to raise the most money possible. Using the quick link below will enable you to get a page set up in less than 5 minutes.

Make a fundraising page - JustGiving 
PLEASE NOTE If you fundraise online it is important that you also fundraise money offline if you would like to reclaim your deposit and use your sponsorship money to pay the remaining balance for the Skydive on the day. The Frimley Park Hospital Charitable Fund will not reimburse any money received through your Just Giving page to pay either your deposit or the balance of the jump on the day.
For further information please contact Nick at or call on 01276604642


FUEL Surcharge

Due to the current fuel price increases (aviation fuel), several drop zones are now making a surcharge of up to £30 per person, should this be the case at your selected location UK Skydive will contact you and advise you of this prior to processing your booking. If you choose to jump at a drop zone that has added a fuel surcharge then you will have to raise that extra amount in addition to the £350 minimum amount to jump, eg if the drop zone you choose has added a fuel surcharge of £15 then you will need to raise a minimum of £365