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Charity Skydive Fund Raising with The Limbless Association

Take on an adrenaline challenge in aid of The Limbless Association Charity, organised by LPS, professionals in organising skydiving challenges across the country, all year round.

The Limbless Association is a registered charity that offers support to individuals of any age, whether they are about to have an amputation or are already living with congenital or acquired limb-loss.  It offers assistance and information to carers, family members and friends if they require it.  

The charity enables a national association of friends and contemporaries through the Limbless Association membership system and seeks to provide a single, unified voice for the UK limb-loss community, creating a national union and alliance for UK prosthetic patients.  It also operates a Volunteer Visitor network for the amputee community that comprises Limbless Association members who are willing to share their experience of limb-loss and knowledge and understanding with anyone who has had, or is about to have an amputation.  By offering their acquired empathy and understanding, based on their own personal experiences and knowledge, the Volunteer Visitors can provide insightful and practical information and suggestions on the everyday issues that a new or prospective amputee may be facing. 

Please contact the events team on 01245 216670 , You can Register Online or Download and complete it


The charity receives no government, lottery or NHS funding and survives solely on income provided by members, friends, private supporters and corporate sponsors.  Despite this, it continues to offer all of its services for free, ensuring that no one is ever without the information and support they need, regardless of their ability to pay.  
To find out more about the Limbless Association, please visit the website at   To raise funds for the Limbless Association, please call the office on 01245 216670.

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FUEL Surcharge

Due to the current fuel price increases (aviation fuel), several drop zones are now making a surcharge of up to £30 per person, should this be the case at your selected location London Parachute School will contact you and advise you of this prior to processing your booking. If you choose to jump at a drop zone that has added a fuel surcharge then you will have to raise that extra amount in addition to the £350 minimum amount to jump, eg if the drop zone you choose has added a fuel surcharge of £15 then you will need to raise a minimum of £365